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Native (PreSonus) REAL-TIME session synchronization / collaboration

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asked Aug 27, 2020 in Recording by tommacd (630 points)
In a future update, please add native (PreSonus) REAL-TIME session synchronization / collaboration  (no splice, no sphere, no stems, no email, no dropbox,etc)

No 3rd party apps required. INTEGRATED seamless session synchronization / collaboration between two or more people that are running Studio One 5.x or higher.

If someone is recording on track 1 on computer 1, then track 1 on computer 2 is locked / dimmed and shows a message on top of the waveform that says something like "track 1 is in use by computer 1, please wait". Or maybe computer 2 could even see the waveform being drawn/recorded in real time as well.

Splice is so incredibly buggy and is certainly not REAL TIME synch / collab.

PLEASE vote this up!!!!!!

Thank you.

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answered Sep 7, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (255,810 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Mar 20, 2021 by dotcom12161984 (4,260 points)
I've been asking for this for years.  They can literally do this using rewire.  Source Connect uses a rewire VST that slaves any DAW to another as long as both sides have a license, in essence if i press play in Studio One and there's a slave Pro tools session they will play in sync (sort of).  But i think of it in the terms of a video game played online.  We see the same things happening, hear the same game audio, and we all have our input devices (controllers).  So even though there's latency determined by our separate internet connections and so forth, we still perceive everything as being synced like an online video game.  And we should be able to communicate just as we can in a game party chat.  I can record someone across the world into my Daw using source connect.