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Superior Drummer Multiple Tracks

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asked Jun 22, 2019 in Studio One 4 by adrianallen (230 points)
edited Jun 23, 2019 by adrianallen

I have SDrummer 3 and use multi track out. 

Problem I have is that the tracks show up in the mixer section only. How do I get them into the track window?


Thank you, this works. I was hoping for a simpler solution to this (Like Pro tools which just allows you to right click and create track views)... But thank you for explaining your work flow and your "thinking out the box" (get it?)  I am going to use this, volume automation was my primary driver for wanting to do this along with adding some extra effects. 

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answered Jun 23, 2019 by brionreid (2,300 points)
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Depends on why you want the channels in the track view. I like my drum folder in the track view to also open/close the mixer channels without having to hide/show the mixer channels manually when I want to add FX or make volume/pan moves.
If that's what you want, here's how I do it. I have a file called which contains ALL of my multi-out instruments so I can do this work once and then use Song | Import Song Data to add this setup into other songs.  The first channel (Kick) is the SD instrument & stereo pair 1/2 that you get by default. For each of the gray mixer-only channels, I create a bus.  e.g. Channel S3/4 L routes its sound to bus Snare. I then put all the mixer only channels into Group hideSD & hide them. I then group the track/channel & busses into an SD folder. I automated the volume on each of the bus channels to make them show in the track view. Now the folder expands & shuts both drum tracks & channels. Hope you find this useful.