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Does the one fader FaderPort support Sonar

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asked Jun 27, 2019 in FaderPort 2018 by robertcampbell15 (260 points)
I can see that the 8 and 16 fader FaderPort has support for Sonar but it's not clear if that is the case for the single fader FaderPort.  Can anyone help with this?

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answered Jun 27, 2019 by uchendueke (1,640 points)
selected Jun 28, 2019 by nickmaggio
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The Faderport range support both Mackie Control and HUI protocols. Sonar has supported the Mackie Control protocol since before v2 (c 2003) It might not be the full experience you could get through using it with Studio One, but it should be able to work. Things may have changed a bit since Bandlab took over, but I was still able to use a Mackie Control compatible controller with Sonar just over a year ago.
asked Jun 27, 2019 in FaderPort 2018 by robertcampbell15 (260 points) Follow up question
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answered Jun 27, 2019 by robertcampbell15 (260 points)
Thanks for the info.  So just to confirm we are talking about the 'new' FaderPort? not the Classic?

If yes, then can you tell me which mode I should select?

In terms of the Mackie Control protocol it appears to offer either Logic MCU (Next then Mute buttons), Cubase MCU (Next then Bypass buttons) or Live (Next then Arm buttons).  I only ask because the pushbutton sequence is not the same.


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answered Feb 26, 2021 by gwlxspav (360 points)
edited Feb 26, 2021 by gwlxspav
Hi Robert, Obviously what Uchendueke mentioned is FaderPort V2, the black model released in 2018.

I have both models of FaderPort 2007 and 2018, here is my experience. The FaderPort Classic does not work with BandLab Cakewalk, but you can try AZ Controller driver instead of official one. The FaderPort V2 does work with Cakewalk by selecting Cubase MCU mode.

Of course you may try it out yourself by selecting other MCU modes to see how it is with Sonar, and tell us what best result you can get.