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Faderport fader will not update channel fader in Studio 1

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asked Oct 19, 2021 in FaderPort 2018 by henrikjohansson7 (200 points)
edited Oct 19, 2021 by henrikjohansson7
Just got a new Faderport 1 (2018) and plugged it into Universal Control, updated the FW and am now trying to use it in Studio One.

Everything works just fine except for one detail. When I move the physical fader on the unit, it does not update the fader on the selected channel in Studio 1. Moving the software fader moves the hardware fader, it's the other way around that does not seem to connect. Also, peeking through a midi monitor application I can see messages coming in though all other buttons and the rotary, but the fader is not sending any midi data. Is this normal?

I have owned a Faderport 1 and 8 in the past and I don't recall having to do any special setup, but maybe I'm missing something very simple?


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answered Apr 25, 2022 by mohammadrezakianzad (150 points)
i have this problem in cubase 11 pro.if you find answer for this problem please tell me .tnx