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Bug report 4.5.1: Transforming Multi-Instrument back to instrument loses all plugins in chain!

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asked Jul 2, 2019 in Studio One 4 by kurtismcloughlin1 (270 points)
Title says it all really!

When transforming Mulit-Instrument back to instrument I lose all my plugins in my chain. It's not caused by third party plugins either coz I've tried it with 2 instances of Presence and the mixverb and still the same. The only reason I use Multi-Instruments is because the master channel is basically just a bus. I make a type of EDM and use a lot of plugins, especially reverbs on tons of things, especially busses. The good thing about this for me is I can transform the whole thing to audio, including the built in master bus for the Multi-Instrument to save on cpu when my Mac is at it limits!

Please fix this Presonus. And please can we also be able to sidechain a compressor to the track it's on. I do a lot of sidechain reverbs and the trigger is the actual sound the reverb is on so the channel splitter is great because you don't have to put reverbs on bus to do this. This is handy for me because I'd like to be able to freeze the track with the reverb and sidechain included to save cpu. I know I've done it before but I can't seem to do it anymore in 4.5.1. Still, Studio One is a great DAW. I've used quite a few over the past 20 years and this is my fav so good work guys. Please fix these issues! Thank you :)

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