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Importing Global Midi Data, Then Saving

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asked Sep 27, 2020 in Studio One 5 by timothybainbridge (140 points)
In most DAWs, you can receive files from another DAW, or musician. And in that package, you get wav files and some midi files.

The midi files, in other DAWs, we usually open our DAW with them, meaning we right click "open with " in windows and choose the DAW program we use.

In Logic, Reaper, Cakewalk and Cubase, what happens now is we get the globals imported first. So we have our markers, tempos, signature changes, etc . Up the top of the song page.

Then we drag into the project the wav files we got from the client.

At this point the project is not saved anywhere its like a temp file waiting for first save.

Then we do our first save and name our project.

When we do this first save, In these other DAWs, we will then have a new folder, named the song name we just saved it as, and with all assets inside. And any future assets for this project will go there as well.

S1 cant do this. It wont make the song folder, if you right click "open with s1" then start importing and saving the project, it will start putting all those imports in the same place as where you got that midi file from (usually your desktop, or a folder with the clients files in it). In S1 in order to get a proper project file folder hierarchy made, you must actually open S1 first and start a new blank project. This will be at 120BPM 4/4. Which we don't want.

If you drag in midi, it wont change the globals either.

So for S1, we found a work around, you need to make the folder first and name it first where you want to save the song on your hard drive. Then put the global midi file from the other DAW/client inside this folder. Then right click and "open with S1"  from this global midi file. Now you will have the right global parameters, but the song is not saved yet. Then you drag in the wav files. Then you save the S1 project. It will ask if you want to copy the media into directory. (This directory is the one you made yourself) and say yes.

Then we will have the correct folder structure AND the song set up with the imported globals.

We shouldn't have to do all this in order to import midi data and save a file where we want, in a folder we made.

The first save in Studio One, should allow you to decide where the files will go into, and the files should go into a folder you can name from within the program. You shouldn't have to make a folder first before opening S1. And go knows why S1 wants to save all the files near that original midi file.

Before answering this, make sure you fully understand what I am saying. If you have no experience in recieving files from other DAWs users, that have multiple time signature changes, and Tempo and marker changes, then you are not going to understand why we need a "right click open with S1" functionality.

I have used Logic 9, Logic X. Reaper 5, Reaper 6, Cubase and Cakewalk. All of these can do this feature. I think its something S1 should be able to do. Folder management is a deal breaker in this industry, if your folder structure is messy, then you are out of the game. S1 don't be "different" just get this functionality in line with the rest of the industry. Cheers

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