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How to break up!

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asked Jan 8, 2016 in Studio One 3 by smeiman (1,610 points)
Ha!  Got you!  A while back I was using Studio One v2 and asked about how to break up a live recording.  Let me clear things up a bit.  I play guitar so I can't be at two locations at once, duh! Just adding a song to a Project give the project an update if the original mix is changed - the little red dot.  The way that I did this before was to use the flags, divide the set into each song (may be up to 15), export each track to a file then import the WAV files into the Project.  That way looses the editting connection.  I'm going to try a couple of ideas - still using the flags "start" and "Ende" (yes, that the way it is spelled in Studio One v3).  But if anyone has a good idea on how to keep songs from  a set into a Project, please give me a shout.  Thanks.

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answered Jan 9, 2016 by smeiman (1,610 points)
I figured out how to accomplish this task.  The "start and ende" flags....  Once the mixing is done and ready to be mastered, place the start and end flags on the "string" of songs.  It's not necessary to separate one song from the other - that takes place in mastering using "split at cursor."  With the markers in the needed places (less than 80 minutes), then send it to the Project.  If, while editing the master, going back to the mixing window and making adjustments - "save" the edits will require the project to be updated.  Updating will not cause the material to be re-separated in the Project.  Whatever title the first songs is renamed (the flag marker titles will not carry over - the start and stop markers take presidence) will be the title of the update.  The update will update the entire "string" at once not the individual song.  So far this has been the easiest method I've found.  Of course anyone else has ideas send them on.....   Thanks for reading!
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answered May 2, 2022 by williamflanagan1 (140 points)
Seeing you already have a file of the show, couldn't you simply load versions of the unmolested recording and do one for each song, It would allow you to manipulate each prior to mastering, Hail digital tape, Just cut out everything but the song of focus and screw with it after . Do it for every track.

My question to you is will this work? I hope so but I think so.