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Cue Mix FX & Bus channels

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asked Aug 1, 2019 in Recording by rosscrawford (820 points)
Please can FX & bus channels also be assigned to cue mixes? If the artist says "I need more drums" I don't want to have to adjust all their levels individually, also if there's plugins on a bus there's no way to hear them in the cue mix.


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answered Aug 2, 2019 by piggysm (1,150 points)

FX and Bus can be assigned to CUE, once you checked the option here:

then their CUE mix will appear

If you want to BUS some tracks for seperate CUE for artist, you need create a BUS, then manully sending tracks to it. then switch those sendings pre-fader mode. remenber to close the CUE on these tracks otherwise you will get 2 pairs to CUE(tracks to CUE and BUS to CUE).

Now the tracks maintain the original mix to MAIN, also their signals will send to the BUS, then BUS could control the CUE volume by slider. notice that BUS to MAIN should be closed(Nothing should be added to MAIN otherwise your original mix will be mess out) 

FX channel could be done by same method. One track need FX to CUE, you just prefader sending it to FX, and change CUE value by slider, then artist should hear his own FX mix.

You can also create a special FX for artist only, by routing it to the BUS, let BUS do the CUE mix.

There are many other ways to do the routing trick, that's what I would do in this case.and its fun, I'm shorts of language so sorry for my poor explaination, wish this will help!

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answered Aug 25, 2019 by jhainline (400 points)

Thank you for this answer, very helpful as I thought this was broken in Version 4.  Here's the explanation from the manual:

  • Cue Mix Mute Follows Channel Enable this option to mute all other tracks within a Cue Mix when a channel in that mix is soloed. Disable this option to cause other channels in the Cue Mix to continue playing when a channel within that mix is soloed.
    • NOTE When this option is disabled, Cue Mix sends are not available in busses and FX channels. In this state, Cue Mix sends on channels are routed directly to the Cue Mix output