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link visible tracks in the mixing console with Faderport 16 (8)

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asked Aug 3, 2019 in FaderPort Series Feature Requests by walterius (2,580 points)
it would help a lot, if you can see the same tracks, that i see in the console. especially when you have a big amount of tracks.

so it would be great to have this option linked with faderprot 16/8, which is in the console: expose/collapse foldertracks...

thanks a lot!

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answered Aug 13, 2019 by AlexTinsley (906,500 points)
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answered Apr 23 by arthurzatarain (1,160 points)
I also think it would be useful for (maybe as an option) to have FaderPort match the Mixer view. I use folders, and I also disable and hide tracks in Mixer. But all tracks (hidden or otherwise) still take up spaces on FaderPort. So I have to manually move them around (off to the left or right) so that the FP will only sync with the visible channels i Mixer view. An option to exactly match Mixer would be a welcome feature. Thanks.
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answered Oct 3 by LHandley (3,000 points)
I wholly concur with this suggestion! It's great being able to hide channels, but if the FaderPort doesn't map only to visible channels it creates a rather serious wrinkle in workflow. Among the biggest advantages of working in the box is the ability to transcend the limitations of outboard music production! The asking prices for the FaderPort 8 & 16 do not present the best value when important functionality like this is omitted or overlooked.