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Feature Request - Ability to bounce /export physical outputs to stems

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asked Aug 4, 2019 in Mixing by danrussell (470 points)
For those of us who mix hybrid or use a console with lots of IO, this is a real time saver.

It would be simple to just choose an mono or stereo physical output and bounce it like you can do in Protools.

I know I can bus in S1 before sending to the console, but the idea of having to have 32/64 busses full time in order to bounce a few tracks now and then seems crazy, and rerouting everything to make a couple bounces, and then reverting to normal routing to the console is a lot of work.

I don't even care it it's one stereo or mono output at a time, like PT, although multiple would be amazing.

The current export stems is very advanced, but adding outputs there would complete it. It would be unbelievably flexible.

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