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Exporting stems with track number as prefix, i.e. '01 Kick In'

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asked Jan 13 in Mixing by bjrnglitscher (2,060 points)

I would love to have the option to automatically add the track number as a prefix to the file name while exporting stems. Right now, the file name only consists of the track name and, if I wish to do so, a prefix that I can manually enter (the song name for example). If I want the track number as a prefix, i.e. '01 Kick In', '02 Kick Out', I have to edit the file names after the stem export has finished. It would be great to have to a checkbox that says "Include track number as prefix" or, even better, an input field where I can build a template for the track names out of variables as it is in Logic Pro X for example. It looks like this:

Track export in Logic Pro X

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answered Jan 19 by Lukas Ruschitzka (219,790 points)
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answered Mar 3 by davidhan4 (210 points)
Has anyone found a solution for this? If not, please please please please make this a feature. It would be so helpful!!
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answered Mar 19 by owenroberts3 (920 points)
Yes, some expanded file naming options (multiple custom prefixes and suffixes) would be very welcome when exporting lots of different versions of a mix.