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Session data: the ability to transfer plugin settings, inserts, and sends across multiple sessions with ease

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asked Aug 12, 2019 in Mixing by nathanholliday (360 points)
Current situation: mixing an EP. I have the first song mixed, and I like how everything is feeling. The overall vibe of the instruments stay the same throughout the entire project, so I'd like to take the processing I've done from the first song and apply it to the rest of the songs on this EP.

I'm requesting an Import Song Data feature that allows you to copy plugins and settings from a channel in a separate song into the channel of song you're currently working on. It would also be ideal to have the option to import data from busses, VCAs, FX, and all of those routings.

Talk about a massive time saver! This would exponentially expedite my workflow.

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answered Aug 13, 2019 by christopherclancy (260 points)
I would love this also. I'm trying to move over from Pro Tools but the only thing stopping my moving to S1 full time is the lack of full session data import. I know there is song data import and templates but to me, these are half functional and some workarounds at best. If you're mixing and EP/Album and get to track 4 and end up changing a fair amount about the mix it isn't an easy job to just port that to all of the other songs.

My workflow is to jump between songs as I mix so I don't get too bogged down in one track. I create a static mix that works for all the tracks by jumping around between them and import session data and then when I'm happy I start pushing each song in its own direction. Currently this is near impossible with S1.

If Session Data Import was as good as or better than Pro Tools then I would love to use S1 for everything.