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RM32AI rear connections

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asked Jan 11, 2016 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by jameshansen2 (980 points)
I'd like to see XLR Main Mix L/C/R connections at the rear of the RM32AI. I have amplifiers in the same rack for FOH, it would be nice if these cables were neatly secured at the rear like the other output mixes.

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answered Jan 12, 2016 by basmeijer (6,350 points)
Would you like to have a second set of the 3 outputs you mentioned or to relocate these..?

I would not want the relocation for sure.
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answered Jan 12, 2016 by jameshansen2 (980 points)
edited Jan 12, 2016 by jameshansen2
A second set of rear connections.

I think most RM owners would have powered speakers, or they are connecting to in-house systems, so the front connections are probably most convenient. However, a few XLR or even another DB25 or DB9 connections at the rear would be handy for those like myself wiring the RM mixer into a rack with speaker management systems and amps. I guess in the long term Presonus might eliminate the need for analogue connections with an AVB speaker management product.
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answered Mar 4, 2016 by scotttitus (1,210 points)
A second set of rear connections would be great. I also use large rack with feedback suppression, speaker management. I use a custom DB25 for my output mixes which are always connected. it would be convenient if there were rear output of the speakers as well.