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problem recording on two channels simultaneously with two devices that require phantom power

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asked Sep 7, 2019 in Studio One 4 by christopherdickinson (120 points)
I'm trying to record bass on two channels at the same time, and I'm using an active DI box that uses phantom power to send the signal to my amp and to my Studio 192 interface.  The amp is miced with a condenser mic that requires phantom power.  When I do this, even both tracks are record enabled, and the input to each is identified correctly on each track, the input levels show that I'm getting input from only one track, rather than both.  (I tried using a passive DI box, but the signal coming out of it was too weak to record.)  I'd appreciate any ideas for correcting this situation.  Also, is it possible that, because the DI box is connected to both the amp and the Studio 192, it is being powered by both devices, or is that not a concern?  Thank you.

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