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Rearrange Buttons Lights in Ableton Live

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asked Feb 11, 2023 in Atom Pad Controllers by lassedunker (130 points)
I use the Atom Pad Controller with Ableton Live to play clips in Abletons Session View in the theater and on gigs. I really like the buttons taking colour of the clips and fade green if the clip is currently playing.

What I'm missing is a possibility to rearrange the clips on my Atom independently of the order in Ableton (sometimes it has to be different because of the routing). I can customize it in the MIDI Map Mode in Ableton and in User Mode on my Atom but then I don't get the colours like I mentioned above on my Atom. If this would be possibile (together with using banks and not scroll up/down/left/right) the Atom Pad Controller would be perfect for playing Music and Sounds on every event in every size.

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