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Using Quantize in Arranger for Live performance

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asked Jul 9 in Completed Feature Requests by rorytownsend (130 points)
Like the Quantize feature in Impact XT. I would like to be able to "enable" quantize when using Arranger in a live context.

As you playing, if you decide to switch to a different Arranger Part  "Verse" or "Chorus"  etc.. , all that is required is to click the new arrangement part

and it will go there AFTER Cycling through the Quantize period you set ( Eg, 1 Bar, 2 Bar etc.... ).

Currently I use a shortcut key, linked to a Marker that is positioned at the start of each Arrangement Part and when I get to the end of the part I am in, I "Time" the press of the Shortcut to immediately Jump to the Next Part, this is a challenge as I have to be very accurate during a live performance and be in time.

This will especially empower the Worship Team scenario in Churches,  Thanks.

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answered Aug 24 by marcora (1,180 points)
This would be a great feature to have, especially if they also provide an option to keep looping the arranger section until the next "quantized jump". That way Arranger Sections can behave like Scenes in Ableton Live. Cubase Arranger track functionality is more advanced than Studio One (also allowing custom sequences of sections, etc). Hopefully Studio One developer will add similar functionality to their product.