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Using Quantize in Arranger for Live performance

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asked Jul 9 in Completed Feature Requests by rorytownsend (130 points)
Like the Quantize feature in Impact XT. I would like to be able to "enable" quantize when using Arranger in a live context.

As you playing, if you decide to switch to a different Arranger Part  "Verse" or "Chorus"  etc.. , all that is required is to click the new arrangement part

and it will go there AFTER Cycling through the Quantize period you set ( Eg, 1 Bar, 2 Bar etc.... ).

Currently I use a shortcut key, linked to a Marker that is positioned at the start of each Arrangement Part and when I get to the end of the part I am in, I "Time" the press of the Shortcut to immediately Jump to the Next Part, this is a challenge as I have to be very accurate during a live performance and be in time.

This will especially empower the Worship Team scenario in Churches,  Thanks.

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