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Enable Irrational Time Signatures

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asked Sep 13, 2019 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by pablosotomayor (170 points)
This one should be easy but for me it would be essential to be able to change the denominator to a number that isn't a multiple of 2 so I could have something like 5/5.

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answered Jan 12, 2020 by davidgbrown1 (350 points)
Yes contemporary classical scores require this. For example in Thomas Ade's Orchestral Suite from 'Powder Her Face in the Overture he has several 2 over 6 and 4 over 6 bars. While this is certainly pretty uncommon a regular 4 over 4 bar would be equivalent to 24 over 24 in relation to a 2 over 6 bar which would be  8 over 24 and a 4 over 6 bar would be 16 over 24. It would be good to see Notion be able to negotiate these types of rhythmic relationships. If I wanted to use Notion to create a  metronome practice template in order to help work on this particular piece there is no way that I can see that the program currently can facilitate programming these particular measures.