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Studio ONE 4 and Ryzen 3900x, multithread tweak needed ?

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asked Sep 22, 2019 in Mixing by alcyon972 (520 points)
I just finish build my ryzen 3900x 32 go RAM pc to replace my old intel i5 6600k.

fresh windows 10 install, etc etc you know the usual.

i work on new project and i see 2 things :

1 in my old pc render mixes take all my 4 cpu and use at nearly max capacity (~85% cpu time according task manager and a render estimated between 1.3 and 5x realtime depending the complexity of the project)

2 in new ryzen pc render take 1 to 3 cores (12 avaliable) and use 14% of cpu capacity (again task manager tell me) and reder take between 5 and 8 x realtime (only light project for now, i need to test with an old massive project to see but it shock me right now)

i use alway 2048 buffer size for mixing. always use performance mode for windows 10 power mode and i know there problem with windows 10 cpu scheldurer even with a 1903 version (best cpu core affinity bug)

so what can be improve to use the full potential of a massive multicore system (it will be the future path for amd and intel)

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answered Sep 25, 2019 by ShikiSuen (1,400 points)

This is just a reminder:

You might want to check whether your audio interface is officially guaranteed in performance with AMD processors.

AFAIK, lots of audio interface vendors till now makes no guarantee with AMD processor compatibility.

These devices may work with AMD processors, but not optimized by their vendors.

Thus, you may feel different regardless the DAW you are using.

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answered Sep 26, 2019 by alcyon972 (520 points)
my question is not related to an audiocard, everything work fine, its just i discover how much work presonus need to do to stay at the top (for me) in the daw world.

i see a lot of benefice to work with multicore in izotope RX for example. When i mix in studio one, i have a lot of cpu power BUT when i mixdown i see only 3 core used to render the project regardless the complexity of it (in a 4 core system you see 85% cpu usage , 3 core full and 1 for other things) so i never pay attention before because i maxed out my system everytime and now i see A LOT of CPU power free for use !

my system is Ryzen 9 3900x, 32goRAM 3200mhz, SSD for system and SSD for audio work (nvme pci express 3.0)

so when i render i see  only 15 to 20 % of my cpu use for render ! (3 cores)

i think we need a turbo render (use RAM to write project mixdown in it, even with nvme ssd i may slow the process) and use A lot more CPU !

if presonus need beta tester to try thing like that i volonteer !