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Here is all the details I think you may need...

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asked Sep 24, 2019 in Studio One 4 by koalapupeza (140 points)

thank you for responding to me I super appreciate it!

Hi Kamran! thank you for responding to me, I super appreciate it!

I am using:

Microphone: Shure SM58 plugged into a ********* mixer - Xenyx X1222USB plugged directly into my computer.

My computer is a macbook (early 2014) running Mojave with 1.4Ghz, i5.

The ********* mixer has a 24bit multi fx processor but I have it off because I don't know how to use it yet.

On my computer I am running studio one 3, artist to record into.

I am currently recording the vocals to a mono track with no filters or added strips for enhancement.  I get this chipmunk like sound on the vocal, on like one word at a time or just a couple words in one track. But it's happening in most of my recordings  lately and I have not changed anything that I can think of. 

Thank you for helping out a total novice who definitely needs to find more time to study and understand all of this cool **** :) 

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