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What do you think of the new midi editing?

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asked Mar 18, 2021 in Studio One 5 by eliaslarsson (150 points)
I did this ticket and I did hear it's a feature now and i can't turn it off !NOT NICE! : When im in studio one and write a midi note in the piano roll, there is a relly irritating problem. The problem is, On the upper part om the MIDI note is a Vilocity tool and in the middel are the normal arrow tool and on the lowerpart af the MIDI note there is a cut tool how can i remove this thing I'm beeing crazy here it's so easy to missclick an cuting the note instead of moveing it. please help someone

Of course it is a good feature but it is far from for everyone, I think you should actually make it possible to turn it on / off because it is extremely irritating when you are doing a lot with midi either I raise vilocity or I happen to cut when I really want to move the midi tone

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