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New user here... Can you import a mix from one song into another song with targeted tracks?

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asked Jul 6 in Studio One 4 by christopherclancy (250 points)
Long time Pro Tools user here who's jumping ship. Many of you know that one of Pro Tools best features is "Import Session Data".

I've seen S1 has Import Song Data.

Say I have an album of 11 tracks. They're all labelled the same and recorded the same way. I finish recording and then I want to mix the album. I mix song 1, the artist says "yep, that's great" so I move on to the rest of the songs...

How can I import all my mix data from song 1 onto the other tracks.

I'm assuming song 2 has no FX sends set up, and not a single plugin inserted. I literally want to import every relevant track from Song 1 over the top of the matching tracks in Song 2. Plugin chains, FX sends, AUX's/Buses. Everything.

As a S1 user on day 2 of using the software if this isn't possible what's the best workaround? This is a key part of my workflow and so far I love S1, it blows PT out of the water in many ways.

Thanks for your time, I've spend the last 30 minutes or so searching but can't seem to find anything specific to my needs just yet.

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