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WIVI / Wallander Instruments loads slowly

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asked Sep 24, 2019 in Studio One 4 by manuelsenfft (310 points)
Hey there,

I am testing the Studio One v4 demo at the moment and I nearly managed to recreate my orchestral and big band templates from another DAW (manually). In these templates I am using WIVI / Wallander Instruments brass and woodwinds. In my other DAW the plugin loads in ~ 4 to 9 seconds with a preset, containing some instruments already. In Studio One v4 the same preset needs 22 to 44 seconds to load.

Is this problem known? I already tried to deactivate virus scanning in Windows, moved the instruments folder, etc. Unfortunatley I do not know if there might be more options to set up the plugin loading in Studio One. I could contact Arne / Wallander Instruments as well, but I some doubt that he will answer, since the development of the plugin seems dead ... unfortunately. Nevertheless: in my other DAW the plugin loads up a lot faster.

Maybe some of you have an idea, what I can try. It would even strengthen my buy decision a bit more, by the way. (-;

Thank you all and have a nice day!

All the best,


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