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Plugin scan gets stuck if offline, hence plugins/instruments/FX other than presonus ones are not available !

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asked May 30, 2019 in Studio One 4 by michaelhofsttter (440 points)
The workaround described here does not work:

I really appreciate studio one (artist),but I have to use it offline most of the time. When beeing offline all plugins/instruments/fx should load (also 3rd party ones).


related to an answer for: 3rd party plug-ins faill to scan offline

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answered May 30, 2019 by alehtrem (550 points)
selected May 31, 2019 by AlexTinsley
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Upgrade your studio to latest version 4.5.1.
This is already fixed and working properly.

Version 4.5.1 Release Notes (May 29, 2019):
The following issues have been fixed:
● Faulty assignment of ATOM pads
● Plug-in Scan freezes when Windows is offline
● Volume automation is laggy
● Crash on undoing instantiation of instruments
● Audio events disappear on bounce when writing tempo information option is disabled
● Crash on hitting Alt+Arrow up/down in empty song
● Limiter metering mode switch is broken
● Pop-up menu for "Add Insert" command has wrong properties
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answered May 30, 2019 by michaelhofsttter (440 points)
Works now!

Great support - superb solution.

Thank you guys from presonus,