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Can't select individual instrument parts for third party VSTs

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asked Mar 4, 2020 in Studio One 4 by deniskapic (120 points)
I'm running the latest version of Studio One 4 on my PC, but am running into some issues with the timeline and instrument parts for third party VSTs. I can't select individual instrument parts for them and move them around independently. Every time I click on a part from a third party plug-in, it selects all of them in the timeline. There's no issue with Presonus plug-ins, but every single third party plug-in does this. I'm running instances of Komplete Kontrol, Spitfire Labs, and Sweetcase EP.

EDIT: I found the reason why all of them are moving together to be the fact that I grouped them together and labeled them melodies. Any reason this is the case? I suppose I just thought grouping and labeling was to differentiate them from other elements of the arrangement.

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