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Need a built-in Maximizer plugin (or purchasable official add-on from PreSonus).

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asked Sep 25, 2019 in Mixing by ShikiSuen (1,320 points)
Cubase Pro has a built-in Maximizer since Cubase 9, which sounds awesome to me.

I always put my final master file, rendered by Studio One, into Cubase or Wavelab to use that Maximizer plugin.

I wonder whether I can do all of this in Studio One. I am looking forward to see someday PreSonus can make this add-on or make it available in Studio One Professional by default.

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answered Sep 26, 2019 by wasmanebensobraucht (460 points)

I think Studio Ones Effect named Limiter (only included in Artist and Professional) is equivalent to Cubases Maximizer. DId you already tried Studio Ones Limiter for Limiting/Maxamizing your tracks?

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answered Sep 26, 2019 by saradis (430 points)
I've tried the Maximiser on Cubase and I get while you want it "as-is", but it's not a magic plugin, it's sounds like an upward compressor with a limiter on top to me. You can probably tweak a compressor/limiter combo and replicate the result, but if you must have a "maximizer" in your chain maybe you shoud give the Izotope Ozone one a try, it's very tweakable and sounds really good.
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answered Mar 9 by aka_busker (11,980 points)
Have you tried audio normalisation on each track?  (Shortcut "alt+n" on P.C.?