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Adding a 32 or even 64-Band Graphic Equalizer

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asked Jun 10, 2020 in Mixing by lucaschindel (280 points)
I am currently Mixing a Song in which I really have Problems in certain Frequencies but the Pro-EQ or FAT-Channel haven't enough Bands to make the precise adjustments I need to make. For now I am going to purchase a 3rd party Plug-In but I would love to see an EQ like this as a 1st party implementation.

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answered Jun 10, 2020 by joegilder (13,630 points)
Use two instances of Pro EQ?
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answered Jun 21, 2020 by lucaschindel (280 points)
Thanks for the answer, I love watching your Videos.

But I think that's inconvenient.

1. Depending on how you are working it takes up more space on your screen if you have multiple windows of Pro EQ open.

2. (Not a Problem for me but maybe for people with less RAM equipped Computers): The more instances of a plug-in you have to load up the more RAM you use up which could lead to problems with the whole project.

3. That is the biggest argument for me: Convinience... It's just less time consuming to load up one plug-in with set Bands instead of loading multiple instances of a Plug-in, figuering out how to manage and set the Bands and the Q.

4. I personally like my Console looking as tidy and clear as possible.

Yes I know that you could make a Preset which loads up multiple Instances of the ProEQ which would counter argument 3 kind of.

It was just something I discovered while working on a Mix and Master. I love the 1st party plug-ins I only have a few 3rd party plug-ins (now including a 32-Band EQ) and it is the only thing miss regarding Mixing. Especially after 4.6s rework of Ampire.