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folder in console doesn't collapse correctly for mixer channels without tracks

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asked Sep 29, 2019 in Studio One 4 by michaelbachner (410 points)

I think this is an edge case.

  • Create an instrument track with a kick and a snare (Impact XT).
  • Add a pattern to it using kick and snare.
  • In the Impact XT route the snare to a separate mixer channel.
  • Now there are two mixer channels and one track.
  • Right click on the track and choose "Pack Folder".
  • Create a bus channel for kick and snare.
  • In the drop down on the folder for the track choose the created bus as group.
  • In the console click the wrench and choose "link expand/collapse of folder tracks with show/hide".
  • When you now click on the folder icon of the bus, the mixer channel for the snare remains visible.
I think the intended behavior should be that the snare channel closes too, as it is linked to the track of the kick: it's in the same pattern, it uses the same instrument and most importantly it is routed to the same bus. Would be awesome if this could be fixed. :-)

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answered Apr 9, 2020 by thomasjamesoudega (410 points)
Yes, why isn't this fixed yet? I am very surprised that no one replied to this. I struggle with this a lot. Especially when having 9 channels from a MIDI track. Did you find any workaround? Why is no one having these problems?
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answered Jan 12, 2021 by rupertpfaff (650 points)
Same problem here - I'm still on V4 - is this fixed in V5?