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Wireless communication between Studiolive 32 series III Mixer and a 32R or Stagebox?

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asked May 29, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by southerntrax (140 points)
I currently have a Studio Live 32R Mixer that I control with a connected MacBook Pro and multiple iPads via a wireless router and UC Surface.  

The system works great, however hand-on-actual-fader wireless control is desired.  I know that Presonus had the CS18AI that is now discontinued (not sure why).  I read and saw a video (by Rick Naqvi) describing the CS18AI was capable of having a wireless control method utilizing a dongle at the CS18AI controller connected to a wireless router which would be connected to the 32R Mixer.  I've never seen this method in action (in person or video), I just heard someone talk about it and read about it.

Can the StudioLive Series III support a wireless connection if used for FOH (only using a power source, no ethernet cable or snake)?

If not, does Presonus plan to develop such a device?

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answered May 29, 2019 by wahlerstudios (105,290 points)
The CS18AI worked really well as wireless controller, but it was even better as AVB device, which allowed CS18AI to use audio signals (4 inputs, 2 returns). As none of the Series III consoles and rack mixers is equipped with WiFi (they all use a wired connection to a router), the controller would need to have this option. A Series III controller should look more like a Faderport 16 with faders, buttons and some basic displays, because its layout needs to follow the layout of UC Surface and NOT the layout of the consoles! I think that this was the major mistake of the CS18AI. It looked like a mixer (it used the housing of the SL 1642 AI) and people expected it to BE a mixer, but it was nothing else than a controller for the rack mixers and Studio One (the DAW mode was invented for the CS18AI!). Nobody understood why an AVB switch and ethernet cables and complicated settings were needed to bring audio to the CS18AI. And recording was anyway only possible via FireWire, which only the rack mixers had...

I don't know what PreSonus is planning to do and nobody from PreSonus will share the company's plans, but I think a REAL controller would fit to the Series III rack mixers. An inexpensive Series III UC Surface-orientated Faderport, which has WiFi on board, but is clearly NO MIXER and has NO DAW MODE, would be a good option! And it must have the option of a wired direct AVB connection, because being dependent on WiFi can be a no-go in some situations.

On the other hand, people are asking for a Faderport 32, because they want more physical faders for Studio One. If a Series III controller would look like a Faderport, they would wonder why this machine can not be used to control Studio One...