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Presonus audiobox not working with Mac Mojave

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asked Oct 4 in AudioBox VSL Series by justaspolikeviius (190 points)
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I've been trying to connect presonus audiobox  22VSL to Mojave. Installed latest Universal control driver and it recognizes my audio interface. Connected through USB 2.0 port.

However, I can't see in my system pref -> sound or garageband. Garageband cycles through 0 inputs available or 1 input available every few seconds.

Any ideas ? 

EDIT: My Mojave version is 10.14.5 ant latest driver is for Mojave 10.14.2. Could that cause a problem ?

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answered Oct 7 by justaspolikeviius (190 points)
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FIX: Bought USB 2.0 extension. Audiobox -> 2.0 USB cable -> USB 2.0 extension cable -> Mac. Works like a charm.