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Presonus audiobox not working with Mac Mojave

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asked Oct 4, 2019 in AudioBox VSL Series by justaspolikeviius (190 points)
retagged Oct 4, 2019 by justaspolikeviius


I've been trying to connect presonus audiobox  22VSL to Mojave. Installed latest Universal control driver and it recognizes my audio interface. Connected through USB 2.0 port.

However, I can't see in my system pref -> sound or garageband. Garageband cycles through 0 inputs available or 1 input available every few seconds.

Any ideas ? 

EDIT: My Mojave version is 10.14.5 ant latest driver is for Mojave 10.14.2. Could that cause a problem ?

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answered Oct 7, 2019 by justaspolikeviius (190 points)
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FIX: Bought USB 2.0 extension. Audiobox -> 2.0 USB cable -> USB 2.0 extension cable -> Mac. Works like a charm.