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Mic not working!!!

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asked Aug 23, 2019 in AudioBox i-Series by darcysharman (110 points)
I’m trying to record vocals from my Samson co-1 mic into my Presonus Audiobox iOne into an adapter I got off eBay into my 2017 MacBook Pro which only has USB C ( hence the adapter) this is all into FL Studio.  When I turn the mic on and listen to the playback I can’t hear my voice all I can hear is like a crunchy sound like what you would hear if there is wind going past the mic, however there is no wind. So no matter how close I am to the mic it doesn’t pick up my voice, only this sound and it’s the same sound if I put my foot on the xlr cable on the floor. No idea what I should do to fix this. Please someone help.

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