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AudioBox 1818VSL on Apple Mojave 10.14.6?

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asked May 7, 2020 in AudioBox VSL Series by carolinebelk (160 points)
I have an older AudioBox 18x18VSL that I used on my older macbook pro that I've had to update/replace with a newer macbook. Is it possible for me to still correctly use this Audiobox with Apple Mojave 10.14.6? I downloaded Universal Control to realize it isn't like the old monitoring software needing to be used when recording to hear yourself. It allows me to record into DAW but I can't hear anything from the box at any point. Can you help me sort this out if its even a possibility? Thank you!

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answered Nov 23, 2020 by savacom (140 points)
I’m having the same exact issue. Did you ever get a response to this? When I first got the interface it never had any of these issues.
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answered Nov 23, 2020 by carolinebelk (160 points)
No, this was never resolved. I had a very techi friend help me troubleshoot everything we could think of to try and get it working and came to the conclusion that it’s not compatible. I ended up selling it and I’m using UA interface. It’s zero latency is pretty unbeatable. I can’t plug as many things in but it’s definitely better sounding quality.