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Ability to Import/Export Macro groups

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asked Nov 20, 2022 in Editing by princeagrawal (13,690 points)
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PREFACE - Here's how the Macros and Macro pages are currently organized in Studio One

You have Macro Pages >> Inside which you can create Macro Groups>> These Macro groups have macro buttons onto which Individual Macros can be assigned.  

You can currently save and Import/Export Individual S1 Macros (.studioonemacro file) and entire Macro Pages (.macropage files) in Studio One. See picture below :

FEATURE REQUEST - Often i run into situations where i wish i could just import/export individual Macro Groups, which are the building blocks of macro pages. Here's how having this feature could be beneficial : 

Improved Sharing with Other Users : If a user has made a bunch of similar macros and have organized them into a macro group on any macro page of their choice, the current way for them to share those with other users is either 

  (A) to share each macro of that macro group individually, and if there are lot of individual macros in that group, than it becomes           quite cumbersome pretty quickly. Moreover, sharing individual macros will not provide the ability to share the Button/Menu        Button layout that the author created in his/her macro group. 

  (B) to share the entire macropage on which the author has made that macro group and then the user has to import that macropage and delete the macro groups not required by him/her and keep only the macro group that the author intended to share. 

So having the ability to Import/Export and thus share Macro Groups would make this process a whole lot easier.

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