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Better/New Sampler - Integration with ATOM Controller

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asked Oct 15, 2019 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by reecep (1,450 points)
I feel as if Studio One should have a built-in sampler or improve on their existing one such as Impact XT or SampleOne. They should definitely do something similar and as simple as Ableton's Simpler, where it can auto chop/slice for you as well as it's intuitive to use. This would save people from getting Serato sampler and spending $70+ and would work very well with the ATOM controller similar to how Ableton integrated nicely with their PUSH MIDI controller.

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answered Jan 6, 2020 by lionelldavis (550 points)
I AGREE 100%!  I think that there should be one drum instrument with the capability to do all; basically, combining SampleOne with Impact XT.  Sort of like Maschine!  Also, a better Atom controller that controls the entire DAW and native Presonus Instruments and effects.  Being able to control time stretching and all the great things that Studio One offers with the controller.  I don't want to use Maschine or other programs with Studio One.  I want to be able to use majority of the controller with Studio One without touching the mouse!

I would love to be able to control the edits with the controller and copy and paste pads..etc.  Basically, a controller similar to Maschine or Push.

PLEASE..PLEASE Presonus!  You would control the industry!!!!!