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Ability to change pattern length from ATOM

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asked Jan 12, 2019 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by dotcom12161984 (4,340 points)
I would like to be able to change the pattern length directly from the ATOM
Example...Pressing the SETUP button the "LOOP>" & "LOOP<"  buttons could increase or decrease pattern length by 1 bar
With that feature i would like to increase the step sequencer length from 16 to 128 spanning across the 8 banks
example...allow the EDITOR button to be latched.
While the EDITOR button is latched, pressing and holding BANK should allow me to  select 16 steps to edit....meaning
(pad 1) = steps 1-16 . (pad 2) = steps 17-32   etc etc ect   (pad 8) = steps 113-128
If EDITOR is not latched then BANK should function as normal (selecting 1/8 banks in impact xt)

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