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closed Digital Release - Batch Processing of multiple formats

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asked Sep 3, 2019 in Completed Feature Requests by chrismarshall2 (1,100 points)
closed Mar 3, 2023 by arndkaiser
When rendering masters it is almost always a requirement to produce multiple file formats (24- and 16-bit wavs, flac, mp3 etc).  The Digital Release function only allows a user to output a single format type, which means in most scenarios I need to select the output, run the pass and then repeat several times.  The task would be greatly simplified by allowing the user to select multiple output formats which would then be rendered (most likely in series).  This approach is already supported in DAWs such as Harrison Mixbuss with a simple UI, and while the end-to-end process may still need to execute discrete passes for each output type it would save user time in making those selections and limit the potential for making selection errors.  The ability to save a template of output types would be an added bonus,

USE CASE 1: User can select multiple Output configurations within the Digital Release dialogue.  When executed system will generate a file for each type in sequence.

USE CASE 2: User can save a template of output configurations for recall at a later stage.
closed with the note: Implemented with Studio One 5.5