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MIDI is a big problem in Studio One ???

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asked Nov 16, 2019 in Studio One 4 by marcindobrowolski (140 points)

Hi. I use S1 from few years and I love this DAW. Until then I used S1 to record vocals and produce music using virtual instruments - there is great tool for composer and producer. Everything is OK...the problem appears when I want to work on MIDI files. I think that producers of S1 forgot about MIDI protocol.

For example control over "program change" data is tragic, export only MIDI 1 is too not enough . In comparison,e.g Cubase, Pro Tools - Studio One is very weak . I would like to use S1 like external hardware for my Korg Pa4x - making e.g styles from midi file but working on midi files in S1 is tragic.

As I said before I love Studio One, but increasingly I must using another DAW (Pro Tools) to make styles for my Korg PA4, because Studio One just can't do it...Studio One producers !!! ... think about improving MIDI support ... Many people using this software need it ...

Are there any plans to improve MIDI in Studio One? I would not want to part with it ... Until now I thought that the S1 is a very universal DAW, but the MIDI support is very poor ...Please - fix this...

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