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Problems connecting an Earmix16 to a 32R. UC not recognising the Earmix.

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asked Nov 22, 2019 in EarMix 16M by bukman (570 points)
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Hi all

I just installed a 32R to use as a standalone mixer in my home studio. It has been updated to the latest firmware via UC Control.

The 32R is connected to my Mac via USB as well as connected via its control port to the local router. Everything is working fine on the mixer and I can control it on the UC Control app on the Mac.

Now I also installed an EarMix16 to use at my drum kit so I can adjust the headphone mix at the kit while playing away from my computer. I have connected the Earmix AVB in port directly to the AVB port on back of the 32R.

When connected this way UC only recognises the 32R. It doesn't see the Earmix at all.

I separately connected the Earmix to the router to do the firmware update and this worked okay. UC saw the earmix fine. It just doesn't work when the audio network port is used and the two units are connected this way. It isn't recognised.

Is there anything I may be doing wrong? I see that the manuals all say the earmix needs the separate AVB router between itself and the rack mixer however surely that isn't necessary and they can talk to each other with a direct AVB cable connection.

By the way I also tried the same ethernet cable that was used for the firmware update to connect the 2 units and this didn't help at all. It definitely isn't a faulty cable at fault.

Hoping someone can help.

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answered Nov 22, 2019 by wahlerstudios (105,310 points)
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You're not doing anything wrong, it just doesn't work you think it would... UC Surface "sees" the EarMix in the process of updating firmware, but that's it. It will never show up in use, because it's a network device with no external control. By default (reset of project, scene and patching) the mixer waits for the EarMix to accept AVB streams 1-8 and 9-16. This is also default setting for the EarMix itself. When mixer and EarMix are connected via Ethernet cable (direct connection) and the mixer is running, then the EarMix should be started and when the LED turns blue (red -> green -> blue), it is connected to the mixer via AVB. The only thing to do then is to check if the EarMix shows up in UC Surface (Settings -> Network) and maybe click on "Apply" to confirm AVB routing.

"Default" means that mixer channels 1 to 16 are routed to EarMix channels 1 to 16. If you want a different routing or add more channels or mixes, you have to follow a different approach. But try to get the default settings work first...

Hope this helps.