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Guitar tone through Earmix

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asked Jun 19, 2022 in EarMix 16M by BRodwig (310 points)
Seeing if anyone has any suggestions.

We use the 16R mixer and Earmix units.  Everyone is really happy with their in-ear monitor mix, and now don't use any amplification on stage.  

Well, almost everyone.  Our guitarist just can't seem to get a guitar tone in his ear monitors that he's happy with.  I know guitarist are very particular about their tone, and love a good loud amp - which doesn't work with us anymore.  We go through his pedalboard through a good DI, and he likes the sound coming out of our FOH speakers.  His major beef through the in-ears is the lack of bass, and to shrilly in the highs. He's fine with all the other instruments, vocals, drums (electronic), etc.

I've tried a variety of things (including multiple types of good in-ear monitors).  Just need to get something back to his EarMix

I'm thinking about routing his guitar back to him through an extra channel (Channel 16 is open) from the aux send, then applying the full EQ capabilities provided, and let him dial in a good monitor EQ (again, without affecting his FOH sound). I'm not sure that can work, but we need to find a solution.  There is likely other easy ways to do this....

Any ideas would be most welcome.


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