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Automate Pitchshift for Audioclips

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asked Nov 24, 2019 in Studio One 4 by dennisjunge (130 points)

Hi there.

I'm working on a New song an I was trying to make a buildup Snare Roll. Until I ran in to the Problem thad i am not capable to Pitch up the Snare's via. Automation.

I also tryed to install a pluging witch is didn't work. ( Plugin is not showing up. But this is a nother problem) and now my only option whould be to indicidually pitch up every single sample of the snareroll.

I am using Studio one Professional

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answered Nov 27, 2019 by alexeymalyshok (230 points)
The following is not ideal but it might be good enough. Change the numbers according to your needs:

Two ways.

1. Add Sample One, put the snare in it, create two bar event, put note on each 16th in drum mode, in Sample One set "Follow Song Tempo", in Pitch section set LFO to 1 oct for pitch up or -1 oct for pitch down, in LFO section pick triangle, set Rate to 0.05Hz (I used tempo 110 when choosing the rate).

2. This works if the roll is shorter than 20 seconds. Bounce the roll, put it in Sample One, put a single note in drum mode, set trigger to "One Shot", set "Follow Song Tempo", in Pitch section set Env 1 oct for pitch up or -1 oct for pitch down, set D, S, R to 0, set attack to the duration of the sample. If the attack value is shorter than the sample duration, there will be instant pitch drop or pitch increase so you will know you have to increase the attack.