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How to Automate Vocal Effects, during live perfomance

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asked Feb 6, 2020 in Studio One 4 by ryanmorrison8 (120 points)
Studio One 4 Professional Demo (trying to find something to do a specific task):  Is there a way to automate vocal effects while playing live?  Specifically, lets say in the middle of a song, the singer wants to include an effect in her vocals that only lasts a few seconds.  Is it possible to have that effect pre-set on the live track to automatically begin and end at that specific moment/time?  Or, does it have to be done manually somehow?  Anyone know of a way to do this, without the need to have someone at the sound board manually controlling effects?  Are there maybe pedal/switches that can do this?  Thanks.

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answered Feb 8, 2020 by tothrec (17,330 points)
I think you can.

This is assuming that the live performance is synced to at least the metronome (if not other backing tracks) within the project with the vocal track you are recording.

It also assumes that you are using input monitoring (so you can hear the effect/plugin in realtime)

1. Insert the desired effect on on the vocal track

2. find the measure you want automated

3. open the plugin

4. Right-click on the parameter you wish to automate

5. Select "Edit Automation <plug-in name>"

You now have an automation line on that track.  Use the pencil (or range) tool to set the parameter

Hope this helps,