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Add "Set Makers to Selection" that works like "Set Star and End to Selection"

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asked Nov 26, 2019 in Editing by kielen (410 points)

I did search, but didn't find an exact match and can't seem to find this if it already exists.

Basically, I would like see a "Set Markers to Selection" option that works exactly like "Set Start and End to Selection" EXCEPT it creates two new markers. Essentially I could select a range on a single (also works on mult.) track and create two new blank markers at the start and end of that range. 
I do a lot of audio editing where I have multiple tracks set up with ranges of 30 secs to a minute and would love to be able to create multiple sets of markers  (sounds like it would get confusing, but I often rename my markers  instead of leaving the auto-generated numbers) that I could then use the export feature and choose the bookend markers I wanted to export certain tracks individually.

Here's a couple screenshots I hope make it clear...

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