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EZ Drummer2 (EZD2) Drum Map or PitchList

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asked Dec 3 in Studio One 4 by jeffreyschmitt (360 points)
Are there EZ Drummer 2 (EZD2) Drum Maps or PitchLists available for Studio One?

If not then I'm interested in knowing if others are interested in having the maps and I'll work on creating maps for each expansion pack.  I posted a generic EZD2 test file here:

The PitchList translates the keyboard notes to drum names, like "Snare Rim Shot".

If you download the file and want to try it the file can be loaded by opening a song in S1, double-click on the drum track to open the midi window, click the drum symbol, then drag the EZD2.pitchlist file you downloaded into the map area that opened after clicking the drum symbol.

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