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A real drum map (with a dedicated MIDI output per lane)

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asked Jan 3, 2020 in MIDI Editing by samueltournan (920 points)
A real drum map would be awesome. I mean just as the features in Cubase that allow to call on a specific output note, MIDI channel and MIDI output (VSTi or external) per physical key of your MIDI device. I guess it could also be achieved by beefing up the splitter/multi instrument features, which would also be cool to target several channels of the same instrument (Kontakt multi, Maschine sounds...) from a single track.

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answered Jan 2, 2022 by georgelea (540 points)
I'd like to DITTO Samuel's thought process with a tweak here and there. Sonar created a brilliant open-face drum map about 20 yrs ago and never improved on it. What was great about it was you could take as many VST's and ext. sound sources as you wanted, thus adding conceivably 16 ch's per device or VST; however, to keep it simple I just used 3 ch.s from each device (10,11,12). The beauty of it was you could use a kick from 1 device a snare from another, a rimshot from yet another, etc., etc. This allows you to use ALL of your greatest samples. So, conceivably you could have an entire map of the 80 best snares in your entire arsenal, and transpose them to the correct output note whenever you wanted. The same for every voice on your kit. The worst weakness though, was (if I can remember correctly) that the app had no way of permanently saving every parameter on the map. So, if you switched a device, or VST out for another you lost all the settings, and had to rebuild it. If there's any company that has the open-minded innovativeness to pull off a relatively simple matrix setup like that it seems PreSonus would be the one. Keep up the great work fellas.