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Better Processor core spread for instruments.

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asked Dec 21, 2019 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by davidstockden (3,010 points)
I know this has supposed to have improved but If I load up Addictive Drums 2 it is still unusable and regularly hits the red line on CPU usage and clicks. As soon as I disable it the CPU jumps back to around 22%.

On a side note this also seems to happen with the new Ampire. Even with just one audio track in a project! (i've tried this on a  2015 Macbook pro and i've also have issues on a 2014 iMac with the same).

This is the one feature that stops me working fully in Studio One 4. I love the integration with Console one for instance but it running into trouble with one multi instrument?!

Please work on this!

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