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Improved Multi-Threading Performance Proposal

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asked Dec 29, 2023 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by briandowding (270 points)
Typically the challenge with making software work well with multiple cores/threads lay in where asymmetrical processing can be accomplished successfully.

There is one GLARING case where asymmetrical processing can be leveraged, and hasn't been in PreSonus StudioOne 6 Professional.
Plugin Processing.
For example:
I have an AMD ThreadRipper 3970X with 32 cores/64 threads.  When StudioOne reports full CPU Usage, over half of my cores are not even being touched.
Plugin Processing is the most CPU utilization heavy task in the DAW, and it is clearly not attempting to access most cores available to it.
Speaking as a programmer, I see no challenge in allowing PreSonus to access all cores for this kind of operational task.  Ever since CreamWare used SharkDSP addin cards to enhance exactly this function in their DAW back in 1998, this kind of parallel asymmetrical processing has been pretty standard fare.
Please advise - as currently, a ton of horsepower is being wasted sitting on the table with the current code base.

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