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Studio One Import / Export Song Information

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asked Dec 25, 2019 in Studio One 4 by dogmajo1 (280 points)
Hello good ppl,

I hope my question is easily answered.
So here it goes,
is there an option to import and already (finished) song, edit that particular song and export it again with the same information that it was imported? So let's say, the song has all the information (Title, Genre, etc) but the song has a too long silence part at the end of the song, I want to remove it and save it again, that all. But I don't want to type in all the information again. I hope my question was clear to understand. Cheers!

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answered Dec 26, 2019 by dogmajo1 (280 points)
Really? No one can provide an answer or at least "tell" me that there is no such option???
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answered May 29, 2020 by kalegreen (160 points)
Your problem is that you need to remove a long portion of silence at the end of a finished, editted song.

Not sure why you need to import it.

Most DAW have a "trim" command or you could select the chunk of silence that needs to be removed that is located at the end of the sound file (s) and then "clear" or "cut' it...this should remove the "silence" and truncate the Soundfile.

If the Soundfile is finished and is presumably a stereo track... Any DAW should be able to fade out the track too.

If you don't like the fade out....or, if you need more...or less "silence" removed...there is always the "undo" command . Even Freeware like Audacity can quickly truncate a stereo or mono .wav .aiff, sd2 etc Soundfile. should be straightforward to remove "dead air".