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Import scratch events + Song export macros + Automation "snap to neighbouring values" + Mouse customization + more...

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asked Feb 7, 2020 in Editing by mciv (1,070 points)
edited Feb 7, 2020 by mciv
Here are my improvement thoughts after switching from Studio One 3 to 4

- Import song data should have submenu to select scratchpad whose events we would like to import. If I use only scratchpads and not "main timeline" at all it forces me to do more workaround hustle instead one click. Also I would like to be able to hide main timeline completely, it just takes up space for me (I don't use it at all, everything is in scratchpads).

- It wouldn't be stupid to add more columns for inserts so I don't have to scroll. For some reason programmable mouse buttons don't scroll fx list like they supposed to. Also I would like to use mouse scroll to move timeline horizontally so it would work like shift+scroll but without shift (maybe new section "mouse customization"?)

- Disabling folder could disable fx group which is used by it (now you have to click triangle icon and select "disable all")

- Tempo change numbers should always be visible, relentless of max/min setting and tempo track zoom. Disappearing numbers are real pain, it worked better in 3. Also old "squarey" display was better for me than line with dots. Maybe add option in options to be able to use old display. Also I would want max parameter to be "auto" so it's always the highest tempo used in song. And make "tempo follows events" tickbox.

- qwerty keyboard should have customizable octave change keys, I for example would like to have it available under thumbs for quick change, so alt right would be octave up and alt left octave lower (or Z and M) so I don't have to pick my whole right hand away from played keys. I could also program my steering wheel brake/gas pedal for that using joytokey

- Possibility to set default "don't ask" instrument replace method (replace/keep/combine) so you don't have to click 1000 times "replace"

- It would be nice to have Ripple edit working like shuffle in PT - that means I don't want it to slice events in pieces but keep them intact. Now it works like this if you set snap only to events and hit event beginning precisely. If you miss it by milimeters (like snapping goes off) it immediately cuts event. I don't want _any_ cutting, just shuffling

- Display - I don't need chord icon, yet I miss displayed kHz and latency which was in 3. It would be nice to see "loop length" (now I have to do math in head looking at beginning/end). Also it would be cool to have keyboard shortcut changing temporarily all timespan displays from seconds to bars (also two counters one in seconds one in bars would be ok - I liked it in PT). Besides whole graphic user interface could be customizable so people could make their own shareable "skins" (for example I liked icons better in 3). Currently available hue/contrast changes aren't quite enough.

- Automation "snap to neighbouring values" would be ok. For example, if I use only 0 and 80 mix level in fx automation I would like newly created automation point to be either previous point or next point, now you have to either find it with mouse precisely or just create any point, right click it and enter numeric value.

- Song export macros - one thing is I don't find anywhere a way to change default wav/mp3 export settings, I need to switch 24 bit for wav and 320 kbps constant bitrate for mp3 each time (+S1 doesn't remember during saving my particular export subdir, it points to main project dir everytime). I changed manually section in Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\PreSonus\Studio One 4\Studio One.settings

<AudioStreamFormat x:id="format" sampleRate="48000" numChannels="2" bitDepth="24" bitRate="320000"/>
<Attributes x:id="attributes" bitRate="2"/>

but that changes it only for mp3, I don't know how to fix default wav on 24 bit. Which leads me to another thing - I always export wav and mp3, so I can use wav later as a "frozen track" to spare cpu or to send another musician so he can work in his DAW. It would be nice to have S1 export wav then mp3 with the same filename and close export window so it's all just one click. That could be customizable so people could export for example 1 wav stereo then 2 ogg + 3 flac + 4 wav mono + 5 mp3 abr + 6 mp3 cbr with one click.

That's about it for the moment, this program is amazing, keep up the good work!

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answered Feb 9, 2020 by mciv (1,070 points)

btw it would be nice to be able to minimize these sections of folders (I have specific setups where all inserts are in group fx), if you don't use text notes at all you don't need that icon takin space for fx, also I don't change timebase each 5 seconds when it's once set in the beginning


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answered Feb 9, 2020 by mciv (1,070 points)
I don't get this new double timeline confusion (right click) - like if timebase setting wasn't enough. Snap to events could work in two modes - as it is now and "only to events in current track" (if you have many tracks with dense swarm of small events sometimes you think you snapped to the one in current track but when you zoom in it's off a bit)