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Pro Tools is not recognizing 44.1 Kht even though my DigiMax D8 is set on 44.1, its running ADAT into a Profire 2626

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asked Dec 27, 2019 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by strangedrummer (150 points)
Pro Tools 8 keeps telling me that the current playback engine does not support 48Kht. But nothing is set on 48. The clock on the outside of the D8 is set on internal and 44.1. Its running ADAT out to a Profire 2626, and its synch is set to the ADAT A in, under hosted mode. I know the settings are right, I have used it this way for years, why am I having a problem now. I did just finally get internet in my studio so my Windows 10 computer has been getting some updates. However, it was doing this before that, I got inet hoping that I could solve the problem by having it. There are no drivers for the D8 or the Profire 2626 from M Audios website and I don't want to download anything I am not confident about. Does anyone trust a specific third party driver download site? Has anyone else dealt with this? Why does Pro Tools think its set on 48, when I can clearly see its set on 44.1? Would love some help with this, as I use pro tools during my private drum lessons to record students to play along tracks, and I can't currently do that. Thanks for anyone with the time to help me figure this out.

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answered Feb 6, 2020 by AlexTinsley (924,920 points)
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The DigiMax D8 does not have any device drivers as it is a Preamp with an ADAT output providing input to your ProFire2626. 

This issue you are having is with the M-Audio interface which we don't build or support. 

Contact Avid Tech Support / Avid forums for community support on your issue. 

If you move over to Studio One, provided you can find drivers for your interface on Windows 10, you won't have this sample rate issue. 

Consider cross-grading to Studio One -