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Atom pad serial number says invalid need help

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asked Dec 28, 2019 in Atom Pad Controllers by jasonclegg2 (190 points)
Need help as as the serial number says invalid

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answered May 1, 2020 by jameswest7 (3,100 points)
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For ATOMs or any other products that come with the ATOM Producer Lab, only the serial number on the box containing the bundle needs to be registered. The individual items do not need to be registered. Once the bundle's serial is registered, ATOM Producer Lab will show up in your list of purchased hardware in your My.Presonus account.
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answered Dec 29, 2019 by yevheniimalyi (220 points)
Same here. I can't register ATOM serial number that comes with the ATOM Producer Lab and can't even create a support ticket about this problem.
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answered Mar 7, 2020 by tomdegroot1 (140 points)
I have the same problem..
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answered Apr 27, 2020 by richardblackwell3 (400 points)
I also have the exact same problem. Did anyone get to the bottom of it and sort it out?