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How to re-download failures and cancels with Studio One Pro?

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asked Dec 29, 2019 in Studio One 4 by erikbarton (230 points)
edited Dec 29, 2019 by erikbarton
I was downloading Studio One Pro for several hours, all night actually... I had one failure because my computer ran out of battery power, and this morning I canceled several other downloads because it was slowing the internet for my other roommates too much.  I restarted Studio One, and my computer to try out the software in the mean time, thinking the failure and the canceled files would still show up in the transfer window... But now they're gone??

How can I find them again to resume downloading, like at night when my roommates are sleeping??? I remembered most of the files I canceled and the failure I had, but how do I resume downloads again?

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answered Dec 29, 2019 by erikbarton (230 points)
edited Dec 29, 2019 by erikbarton
Never mind I found it under the Studio One pulldown menu... Studio One Installation.

In future developments... You guys might want to keep all history of downloads, cancels,  and failures in the transfer window, instead of just the successful downloads. Would make this process easier cause I can't exactly remember everything that was canceled off the top of my head.. Unless there is a record of this elsewhere? But maybe there's already a solution to this? I'm really new to Studio One.